Bermuda Bay is quite an unusual community in that it is composed of two completely separate entities: the Sable Oaks Condos and the Bermuda Bay homes.  Moreover, within the Bermuda Bay homes, we have two separate boards, the Bermuda Bay board and the Hamilton Place board.


Let’s start with the Sable Oak Condos.  When our community was begun, it was to be totally made up of condos.  After the two condo buildings (total of 24 units) were erected along with the swimming pool, tennis court and Clubhouse area, the remaining property was sold to Westinghouse.


Westinghouse decided to build homes rather than condos on the rest of the land.  They entered into a contract with Sable Oaks Condos stating that the Bermuda Bay homeowners would be able to use all the recreational facilities and would pay their share of the recreational facilities expenses (all condo and homeowners paying the same amount by dividing the expenses equally among total number of condo and home lot owners).  Since the Clubhouse property is part of Sable Oaks, it is managed by the condo owners.  Sable Oaks is autonomous and has its own board, its own management company and its own annual budget.  The condo owners are allowed to use the Beach access at Bermuda Bay east and all entrances and exits in Bermuda Bay.


Bermuda Bay has two types of houses:  single lot homes and courtyard homes. 


The 23 courtyard homes are called Hamilton Place.  This is a “turn-key” community that is on Laurel Oak Lane and Sable Oak Lane on the river side of Bermuda Bay.  These homeowners do not have to personally take care of their individual yard, landscaping, irrigation upkeep and the outside painting of their homes. This is taken care of through their Hamilton Place quarterly assessments.  Because of this they have their own board and management company.


Lastly Bermuda Bay has stand-alone homes on both the ocean and river side of A-1-A.  These homeowners are in charge of their home and lot.  Bermuda Bay has a board that covers both the single lot homes and the Hamilton Place homes.   Bermuda Bay has its own annual budget for the common areas and its own management company.